Automotive Paint Protection

What is Car Paint Protection?

Car Paint ProtectionCar Paint protection is like covering your car’s paintwork with a layer of cling wrap. It further protects the paintwork of your car from stone chips, corrosion, scratches and the environment. It is more or less like a paint protection coating.

It is usually an actual plastic film or transparent paint protection coating.  It literally is another level of protecting the paint of your car. It is part of the car detailing process.

Car wax on the other hand is the rain jacket before the cling wrap layer – it provides a barrier preventing damage to your clear coat helping your car stay cleaner, longer.


What kind of Vehicle should have Paint Protection ?

Technically, paint protection should be applied to brand new cars or cars under the age of 5, but with the development of new products, there are products that can be used for second hand cars that bring out the shine in older cars as well as protect the paintwork for older cars. For example, Meguiars has an easy step by step system which allows you to follow the right products to use from start to finish even for the oldest of cars.

How do you pick a reliable brand of Paint Protection?

Well, one way is to know when you are dealing with experts in car paint protection applications and lets face facts here there are many automotive paint protection specialists around but none so like the master of paint protection and that’s Dr Buff’s car paint protection services in Sydney

Every brand of paint protection has its own benefits. It is imperative to choose a reliable brand as paint protection is an investment.

· Car Paint protection products should come with a warranty so when you are picking a paint protection product ensure that it has a warranty of at least three years, though most products have a five-year warranty period.

· All paint protection products should be able to cover two coats to the flat surfaces of your car such as your car bonnet, boot and roof. Check with the seller if it covers that much of an area

· Genuine paint protection products only tell you to wash the car with water (and not soap) and their range of products. Meguiras has an entire range of step by step products that can be used on you car.

NB: After going through the rigor of choosing the paint products, it is only logical that you let the painting job be done by an equally competent car painting specialist.
What are the Benefits of using Meguairs Car Care Products?

Oldest and Most Trusted

Meguiars has been around since 1901 and today is amongst one of the biggest car care companies in the world with many recognizable products. Meguiras began as a furniture polish company and started working on cars when the first wooden cars came out. So, can we say Meguiras were around before cars were around?
Easy Step by Step System

Meguiars has a step by step system with their products which make it a breeze to use. All the products in their detailing range has a step number. For instance, car wash has a Step Number 1 and Quik Detailer is a Step 5, so you could easily follow through all the products along the way by following the step by step numbering.Meguiras has all the steps in between including car wax, polishing so you will never miss a step.

Meguiars Car Paintwork Paint Protection

Meguiars 365 Day Paint Protect protects your paintwork for up to 365 days with ease of application. There is no need to buff or rub even after weekly washes in a year.

It’s easier to apply than a wax as you simply wipe it on and wipe it off and it hardens in about three to five minutes and cures in twenty four hours. The curing time us important and then the car needs to be protected from the environment for a week or so before being washed again and the paintwork is fully protected for the next 365 days.
The Reviews on Meguiars Products are consistently encouraging

Car Paint ProtectionThe reviews on Meguiars paint protection products are positive wherever you read about them – on car review sites, on their website, on Amazon. It’s just amazing.

As a customer reading all the reviews I will definitely trust their products.
In conclusion

Automotive paint care is an investment as your car is a huge investment. Protecting the paintwork on your care can be made extremely easy if the right products are used. Paint protection can help prevent paint chips, bugs, scratches on the car and can enhance the look of your car.

Meguiars is the oldest and most trusted car care company. Their products have won several gold star awards and have excellent reviews on Amazon, on their website by their customers worldwide and online everywhere where their products are sold.

Their step by step system will allow anyone new to car detailing and paint care ease into caring for their car with ease. I would definitely recommend Meguiars as the best paint protection car products to use.

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