Quick Tips For Improving The Look Of Your Car

Quick Tips For Improving The Look Of Your Car

Sometimes it really is what’s on the outside that counts.
That’s the opinion of many of today’s car owners who say they’re always on the lookout for ways to make their autos look better.

While many drivers turn to high-tech fixes, accessories and add-ons to change the look of their ride, many forget a simple-and inexpensive-step: waxing. Waxing helps protect a vehicle’s paint by minimizing the effects of wear and tear. But perhaps just as important, it can breathe new life into a faded paint job-helping your car look its best.

A thorough waxing can take less than 30 minutes-especially if you follow a few tips from the experts:

• Always wash the car thoroughly to remove surface dirt that can scratch the paint while waxing.

• Minor scratches and swirl marks caused by snow brushes, tree branches or improper care can be removed with a scratch and swirl remover.

• Apply wax evenly in a circular motion and always remove wax with a clean cloth.

Wax On, Wax Off

You may be surprised at just how far wax has come over the years. For instance, new Turtle Wax Ice looks more like baby oil than traditional car wax. It was designed to clean, shine and protect all exterior surfaces of a car, including plastic and rubber trim, without leaving residue.

“The paint on today’s cars has come a long way, but that exterior finish still needs to be cared for on a regular basis,” said Michael Schultz, head of the Turtle Wax Shine Center. “We developed the new Ice formula to provide better care for diverse exterior surfaces.”

For those who prefer to stick with traditional waxing methods, the original Turtle Wax Super Hard Shell and Platinum Series are used around the world.

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